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Lekx is a basketball lover, he has the dream to become NBA player in future! Thus, now he works as an internet marketer in Cybersite, specialised in Domain Name, Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server and Web Security
The Story of Number “8”

The Story of Number “8”

Number “8” has Chinese Pinyin pronunciation “bā”, which sounds similar to the pronunciation of Chinese word “发” (Pinyin = fā), meaning “wealth” or “prosper”. That’s why the Chinese is always in love with number “8” when it comes to choosing their vehicle registration plates, mobile numbers, and even domain names.

Related image Number 8 is always viewed as an auspicious number that will bring good luck. Although the belief is without any scientific proof, statistics never fail to show how much Chinese are obsessed with number “8”:  

1) In Chengdu, China, an all 8 mobile number was sold for USD $270,723 (approximately SGD S$365,134)

2) Most of the airlines companies such as, United Airlines, Air Canada, KLM, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines have flight numbers starting with number “8”, especially for flights to Asian destinations, such as China and Korea.

3) In Hangzhou, a man offered to sell his license plate, A88888 for RMB 1.12 million (roughly SGD S$226,066).

4) The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia has 88 floors for both towers.

5) During the summer Olympics organised in Beijing, the opening ceremony began on 8th August, 2018 at 8pm, 8 minutes and 8 seconds local time (UTC+8), which is known as 8/8/08, 8:08:08 pm.  

From cases above, we know that number “8” means a lot to the Chinese. If you grab the opportunity to own some creative numeric domain names that contain number “8”, seriously you might become “8” “Huat” (“Wealth”, “Prosper”) too when you sell these prosperous domain names in the future!  


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How To Build A Good Website? 5 Useful Tips For You

How To Build A Good Website? 5 Useful Tips For You

In today’s digital age, every business needs a website, no matter what you are selling, offline or online. Are you thinking why even an offline business needs a website? This is because nowadays, the majority of customers expect to find your business, including your products or services online before they make a buying decision. This also includes contact details, address, operating hours and more. In short, website is an essential part of any business.

Since website is so important, how do you go about creating a good website?  


Domain name status should be ACTIVE

Tip 1: Register a great domain name

What is a domain name? In short, a domain name is the URL/address of your website (example: A great domain name should be able to represent your brand or your products/services, so your potential customers can find your website on the search engine by simply entering your brand name or your product keywords.

Already know what domain name you want? Search domain availability here  



Tip 2: Signup for a reliable web hosting service

Web hosting is a service that allows your website to be up and running on the Internet. The purpose of a hosting service is to store your website files, such as website images, content, text and more. When a visitor browses your website, it will load the website files that are stored on web hosting, allowing your website to become visible to the visitors.

To ensure your website is always live, you have to choose a hosting service that can guarantee at least 99.5% network and server uptime, so that your website is up all the time. Next, choose a hosting plan based on your website traffic (number of visitors per month). Here are some of the choices (with 99.9% server uptime)  


Communicate on all devices, anytime, anywhere

Tip 3: Build your website and give it an Impressive web design

Next is the most important part where you and your potential customers interact. A good website design will definitely help to increase your website transaction rates, or make your visitors stay longer on your site. Therefore, in order to have a great website, you might hire a professional to design your site and craft your website content.

Besides being impressive, your website needs to be user-friendly and gives visitors a great user experience. Websites that offers visitors a great user experience are:

  • responsive (fits perfectly across all devices)
  • fast loading
  • good website security
  • visitors are able to find the content/info they wish to see instantly

After your website is done, remember to maintain and update it to ensure your CMS (Content Management System), security features and website information are always updated, especially if your website shows information such as product prices, promotions, etc.

Since building a good website is so important, let us elaborate more on this part. If you are looking for a professional service on web design, click here and tell us your requirements. Our professional team will assist to build your site and maintain it for you after website creation. Our website design team who has created hundreds of great websites is confident in fulfilling your website requirements and needs.  


Secure Mail

Tip 4: Your own business email addresses for branding

When you already have your website up, create your business email accounts to give your business a more professional image.

Why is business email better than free email service like Gmail and MS Outlook? Business email accounts have branding effect; you can create branded and customized email addresses such as, which shows professionalism and helps to build trust when you use them to communicate with your customers. For example, if your name is Jason; business name is Ace Carpenter, compare these: vs.

See the difference? Business email carries your business identity and brand name.

Besides, some of your email communication with customers are highly confidential, and you need extra protection to encrypt these emails to ensure they are sent securely to the recipient. In this case, Business Email is security enhanced and comes with SSL features, thus offering extra protection compared to free email services.

To find out more about business email hosting, visit:  


Prevent customers’ sensitive data

Tip 5: Advanced website security and backup

Last but not least, when your website is known, phishers and hackers might start to attack your website. That’s why you need advanced website security for your website and website backup so that you can recover your website in an event of attack.

Besides protecting your website, you will also want to provide trust to your customers and make them feel secure when browsing or submitting their contact/payment information to your site. Therefore, you need better security to convince your visitors — SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to show visitors that your website is safe to surf and follow certain rules when it comes to handling their personal/payment information.

This is shown by a “Green Address Bar”, which is only available when your website has Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate. Find out everything about EV SSL certificate here:  


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5 Things You May Not Be Aware Of Cybersite Helpdesk

5 Things You May Not Be Aware Of Cybersite Helpdesk

You might had submitted a ticket before to our Sales, Technical or Customer Service Team through helpdesk. But are you aware of all the functions that can help you? Let’s check out some of the important tips to use helpdesk like a Boss.


Our support is available 24×7, just like our server uptime.  (

However, sending a request using the Support Form is always a recommended option:

Tip 1: Fill in all the required details so that we can understand your problems without any uncertainty.

Tip 2: Select the relevant department.

Tip 3: Set your case priority based on your situation.



How if you can’t remember what’s your case number?

Tip 1:  Well, you don’t really have to. You can always login to the portal and have a check on the status of the case you submitted.



We deploy automated bots for monitoring, and real humans for further communicate with you.

However, if you need an urgent issues, you may either check on the status at the helpdesk portal or live chat with us.

Tip 1: Open 24×7 live chat on every pages of Cybersite and provide your case ID.


Tip 2: Submit a new case to have another system engineer on duty to rush it for you.


Our helpdesk bots will auto close the case if there is no reply from both parties after 72 hours. (Sorry, they are bots =\ )

You are welcome to reopen the case, and ask to monitor the issue again!


Did we do a good job? Are you satisfied with the solution provided? Tell us.


Mark Zuckerberg said that “Nothing influences people more than a commendation from a trusted friend.” And you are our trusted friend!

An ‘Awesome’ rating a day keeps the Support awake!

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If you’re still using FREE SSL, you may lose these opportunities!

If you’re still using FREE SSL, you may lose these opportunities!

As you know, FREE SSL only provides you with simple level of protection on your website sensitive information as it travels across the world’s computer networks. For example, the privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users’ personal information.

But did you know, paid SSL offers other significant features that help you grow your business? Check out how!

1) Visual Assurance – Green Address Bar

When it comes to verification, FREE SSL certificates verify websites based on domain ownership Only. On the other hand, PAID SSL certificates verify the business identity of the website before issuing the certificate to the site owner. It is an in depth verification carried out by the Internet certificate authority (CA). Therefore, verified websites are entitled to a green address bar and a seal for better website.

Example of Green Address Bar

2) Increase site transaction rates

According to research done by Sectigo, websites with PAID SSL are more likely to have higher transaction rates (website purchases, sharing personal information and signing up for new services). Positive qualities like high levels of customer service, stability, and trustworthiness are often associated with companies/websites that have PAID SSL.

57% of people are more likely to share personally identifiable information 50% are more likely to engage in financial transactions
43% are more likely to sign up for a new account
38% are more likely to fill out and submit an online form
37% are more likely to make a purchase

SSL help increase site transaction rates

3) Improve SEO ranking

Popular search engines give higher ranking to websites that have PAID SSL compared to those that only have FREE SSL. According to Google Online Security Blog, SSL will be one of the factors that impact the search ranking, which means SSL certificates are an easy and inexpensive way to improve SEO performance.

SSL can improve SEO ranking

4) SSL Warranty

FREE SSL certificates do not provide warranty when something goes wrong on certificates authentication. On the other hand, PAID SSL is covered with Warranty Limits between 20k to 1.75mil. Feel free to refer to the Covered Losses by Comodo.

Paid SSL is covered by Warranty

Check out FREE SSL vs. PAID SSL (Extended Validation – EV SSL):

In short, FREE SSL only provides protection. If you wish to grow your online business, PAID SSL can do a great job!

Don’t miss these opportunities. Give your website an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate now, click here.

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