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Please note that your Domain Registration may be subject to approval from Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) Pte Ltd. We will inform you once your domain name is successfully registered.

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Important Notice - Must Read “Registry reserves the right to classify the domain names as Platinum/Golden premium domain names. Registration is not final if the name applied fall under the Platinum/Golden premium. These premium names are reserved and only available for Premium Domain Name application exercise. Registrar may contact registrant separately for further advice if the domain name applied is a premium name.

For domain registered on and after 2nd May 2013 or domain names directly reserved with Registrar under the SME programme, your domain name is subjected to the VerifiedID@SG scheme. Upon successful registration, the appointed admin contact will need to verify the domain name within 21 days failing which domain name will be suspended by Registry. Registry will send an email to the admin contact's email with instructions on the verification process.

The registrant should therefore ensure that the admin contact's email address is valid and remind the admin contact to perform the verification within 21 days.”

Important Notice from SGNIC - Must Read With effect from 2 May 2013, SGNIC will implement a pilot scheme known as “VerifiedID@SG” for all new “.sg” domain names (e.g. .sg,, Administrative contact person of domain name will be requested by SGNIC via email*to visit VerifiedID@SG & perform a two-step verification task:

  1. Login to portal using SingPass; and
  2. Verify the identity and contact info of the domain name registrant.
* Please provide a valid email to ensure SGNIC is able to send notification & updates. Read more

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