Cloud Biz, the ultimate cloud hosting solution that gets your most basic business communications needs going. Cloud Biz comes bundled with advanced email and web server to get your email going and to quickly launch your company's website. Our comprehensive packages offer huge disk space, premium email functionalities, Linux or Windows web server that supports high web traffic.

Cloud Biz offers a robust cloud hosting service that ensure high availability, scalability and reliability at the lowest possible cost.

Plans Cloud
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1 Year Contract
12 Months
$ 25/mth
$ 37/mth

$ 49/mth $ 73/mth
$ 300
1 Year

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$ 444
1 Year

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$ 588
1 Year

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$ 876
1 Year

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2 Year Contract
24 Months
$ 23/mth $ 33/mth $ 43/mth $ 63/mth
$ 552
2 Years

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$ 792
2 Years

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$ 1,032
2 Years

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$ 1,512
2 Years

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1 FREE Domain
Setup Fee
(worth S$ 53.50)
Waived Waived Waived Waived
Basic Specifications
Cloud Mail Plan Cloud Mail5 Cloud Mail15 Cloud Mail30 Cloud Mail50
Email Accounts 5 15 30 50
Email Space 15 GB 45 GB 75 GB 150 GB
Web Space 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Total Disk Space 20 GB 50 GB 80 GB 155 GB

Cloud Biz Specifications
Suitability Matrix
Recommended Traffic / Month 10,000 Website hits / month
Recommended Concurrent Users 100 # of users concurrently accessing the website
Recommended Number of Website Pages 10-20 For best user experience
Recommended for CMS
(Content Management System)
Designed to support basic CMS
Package Details
Parked Domains 1 Single domain per hosting account
FTP Accounts 1 Allow upload / download of your site files
MySQL Database 1 Allow web applications to read & store information efficiently
WebApp Gallery (1 click install) Allow website builders to install popular applications, similar to Apple Store / Google Play
Web Control Panel (Website Panel) Manage website services and accounts under a single location with ease
Website Daily Back-up (Files & Databases) Auto remote back-up for your peace of mind
Site Management
DNS Zone Manager Manage DNS Zone Records
Virtual Directories Allow Virtual Directories
ODBC Data Sources Allow customer to use ASP Website to use MySQL Database
Site Root Folder Access (wwwroot) Manage root folder (read/write)
Software / Scripting / Extensions
Windows 2012 R2 Operating System of the Server
Internet Information Server (IIS 8) Web Server
ISAPI RE_WRITE 3.0 / Helicon Ape (.htaccess/web.config) Plug-ins for Linux commands
DHTML / HTML / HTML5 / Javascript Support different Scripting
PHP 5.3 / 5.6.X Variety of versions to support PHP websites
Microsoft ASP 2.0 / 4.0 Variety of versions to support ASP websites
Local Support
99.95% Uptime Guarantee Ensure Optimized Performance, Prompt Service and using the National Fibre Network for faster connectivity
24 / 7 Network Monitoring
Local Phone Support (Sales Hotline)
Singapore Data Centre 

Optional / Add-ons

  • 1 Email $3.21 / Month
    • 3 GB Storage
    • Latest SmarterMail
    • Same specifications with the main Email Hosting Account
  • Email Marketing or Ads
    Need an EDM (Electronic Data Mail) feature? Contact us now!
  • .COM.SG/.ORG.SG/.SG Domain Name
    $45 for 1-year 
    $90 for 2-years
  • .COM/.NET/.ORG Domain Name
    $33 for 1-year 
    $45 for 2-years
  • .BIZ Domain Name
    $38 for 1-year 
    $53 for 2-year
  • Sub-domains (e.g.
    $26.75 per sub-domain (one-time charge)
  • Domain Name Parking Service (DNS Mapping only)
    $65 (Per year setup charge)

Enhanced Secured Gateway $5.35 / Month

  • 2nd Layer Virus Protection
  • 2nd Layer SPAM Protection
  • In-depth Protection for Incoming Emails
  • Easily Identify Whitelisted / Blacklisted IP for Shared Hosting

For existing customers only.

Upgrade to our premium Cloud Biz/Mail Hosting and enjoy special privileges. Learn more!

  • FREE setup & migration fee (usual $160.50)
  • Latest SmarterMail version
  • Compatible with Latest Smart Phones
  • Compatible with Latest Windows / MAC OS
  • Compatible with Latest Microsoft Outlook 2010 / 2013
  • Compatible with Latest Mail Client
  • Robust Web Access

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