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Professional Email & Web Hosting With Dedicated Resources

With dedicated resources to host enterprise-grade emails, content-intensive websites and E-commerce websites, you can be rest assured that your email and web performance will not be compromised. Enjoy high availability, scalability and reliability with our robust Cloud Biz Pro at an affordable cost.  

12 Months Subscription $210.79/mth $261.08/mth $322.07/mth 
24 Months Subscription $100.58/mth
(50% OFF) 

(50% OFF)

(50% OFF)

Setup Fee $160.50  Waived!
$160.50  Waived!
$160.50 Waived!
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 Email Package

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(Single Domain)
SAVE $100.58/mth!
SAVE $123.05/mth!
SAVE $150.34/mth!
No.of Domains 5 10 15
No. of Websites 5 10 15
No. of FTP Accounts 5 10 15
No. of MySQL
5 10 15
No. of Scheduled
5 10 15
No. of Email Account 10 10 10
Operating System Windows 2012
(IIS8.x w/ Helicon Ape)
Windows 2012
(IIS8.x w/ Helicon Ape)
Windows 2012
(IIS8.x w/ Helicon Ape)
Control Panel 
(Website Panel)
 vCPU (Processor)  1  1  2
 RAM (Memory)  2GB  4GB  6GB
 Hard Disk (Ultra High
    Performance) [SAS]
70 GB
(20 OS | 50 Data)
120 GB
(20 OS | 100 Data)
170 GB
(20 OS | 150 Data)
 Hard Disk (High
 100GB  200GB  300GB
 IP Address 1 1 1
    (Dedicated 10 Mbps)
Burstable to 100Mbps Burstable to 100Mbps Burstable to 100Mbps
 Data Transfer
  SAVE $100.58/mth!
SAVE $123.05/mth!
SAVE $150.34/mth!

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Our Cloud Biz Pro is a power booster for Cloud Biz. Apart from ensuring your websites and emails are performing at their peak, we add value to our service by giving you more!

  Initial Setup (Server Provisioning)  Operating System Updates
   Troubleshooting Host Server Network Issues  Reverse DNS Setup
  Security Patches  Auto Daily Incremental Backup
  Backup Disaster Discovery (On Demand)  WebApp Gallery (1 - click install)
  OS updates  24/7 Service Monitoring
   24/7 Network Monitoring   Load issues or sluggishness
  Basic website related issues
        (Internal Server Errors, 404s, etc)
  Network related problems
  Failure of server to restart  Hardware failure
  Package install via package manager (yum,rpm)  Basic named configuration for domains
  Troubleshooting pre-existing configurations  Basic task automation
  Basic firewall setup / trouble shooting  



No Headaches

Focus on your business activities and development of your websites and leave the hardcore technicalities to us. Your websites and emails are in good hands as we conduct close monitoring for suspicious patterns and malicious attacks. Plus your emails and websites are protected with the latest malware, spyware and anti-virus programs.

Save Time & Focus On Business

Instead of spending time managing your server, the time could be used to focus on your core business. Concentrate on growing your business and not managing your server.

100% Dedicated Resources
As each virtual server has its own dedicated resources, you are assured with 100% dedicated resources and have access to your disk space, RAM, and CPU core allotment.

No longer will you have to deal with the performance issues associated with shared hosting. This means you have a much more stable email and web hosting environment. You get the power of a dedicated hosting setup with the support at an affordable cost.



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