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Cloud Biz Pro Upgrade/Downgrade

  1. Change of service plan is not permitted during the tenure period.
  2. Customers are not able to change the basic computing resources accorded to them under the service plan. Only computing resources under the “Configurable Options” can be changed.
  3. Downgrade of service plan and/or reduction of hard disk storage capacity are strictly not permitted during or after the tenure period as this may result in loss of data due to the reduction of hard disk storage capacity. Cybersite will not be responsible nor compensate for any loss of data as a result of any such downgrade made by customers.
  4. Change of tenure period within same service plan is permissible and will only be effected when the existing tenure period is fulfilled. There will be no refund for unfulfilled tenure period.
  5. The addition or reduction of computing resources under the “configurable option” at customer’s login area is subject to Cybersite’s verification and approval upon receipt of payment.
  6. Customers who wish to upgrade to a different service plan upon expiry of existing tenure period can contact:sales@exabytes.sg or helpdesk@cybersite.com.sg.

By signing up for Cybersite Cloud Biz Pro service plan, you agree to the Terms & Conditions stated above as well as the Registration Terms & Conditions stated in www.cybersite.com.sg/terms-and-conditions. Cybersite reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions or prohibit or terminate any subscription if there is a suspicion of misuse or abuse without prior notice.

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