Managed Cloud VPS (50% OFF)*

 All Plans include:

Local Support
          Free Backup

Data Transfer

Best Of Both Worlds - Customise & Manage Your Server

Our Lowest Price Guarantee is part of Cybersite’s commitment to offer you the most competitive price for your Cloud VPS. When you’re searching online and find another competitor cheaper than our Cloud VPS plans, we will match it! Terms & Conditions apply.

Have full control of the software applications you want to run and leave the technicalities to us. We manage your server and handle server-related issues so you can focus on enhancing your business operations with high-powered Cloud VPS running on dedicated RAM, CPU, DISK, and IP Address.

Need More Power?

We Add Value To Our Management Service  

While you customise your server specifications and software applications, we constantly keep a close watch on your network and server to ensure your Cloud VPS is at its peak performance.  

Initial Setup (Provision of Server)  Operating System Updates
Troubleshooting Host Server Network Issues  Reverse DNS Setup
Security Patches  Auto Daily Incremental Backup 
Backup Disaster Discovery (On Demand)    OS Updates
24/7  Network Monitoring 24/7 Service Monitoring


Customised to Meet Your Needs

You enjoy the advantages of a managed server and the ability to customise the software application you wish to install in the Cloud VPS.

Reduced Operating Costs

Hiring a system administrator to manage your Cloud VPS is costly. It is more financially feasible to leave the technical responsibility to us as we are already equipped with the expertise to handle any server related issues.

Save Time And Focus On Business
Instead of spending time managing your server, the time could be better used concentrating on your core business instead. Focus on growing your business and not managing your server.

Peace of Mind
Enjoy peace of mind and leave the technicalities to us. Spend the time and resources on what you do best.

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