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Cloud VPS Promotions Terms and Conditions

  1. 1-mth Subscription Waiver promotion is valid for 12-mth Unmanaged / Managed service plans.
  2. 50% Off promotion is valid for 24-mth Unmanaged / Managed service plans.
  3. The promotions are valid for the first 100 new registrations.
  4. Existing Cloud VPS customers are entitled to the promotions if they purchase a new Cloud VPS service plan. The promotions are not valid for renewal of Cloud VPS service plan.
  5. Existing customers who are not on Cloud VPS service plan are entitled to the promotions if they purchase or upgrade to a new Cloud VPS service plan, however strictly no refund will be given on their existing service plan; promotions are not valid with any downgrade of service plan.
  6. The promotions are applicable for the purchase of Configurable Options, excluding Add-on Options and other service charges.
  7. Full payment for the whole contract tenure must be made to enjoy the promotions and is subject to verification and approval from Cybersite.
  8. The promotions are valid for initial contractual period only. Renewal will be based on the prevailing published rate and is subject to change without prior notice.
  9. The promotions will be void if there is a change of service plan, suspension or termination of the account due to whatsoever reason, or if the account is overdue / delinquent during the promotion or tenure period, strictly no refund will be given.
  10. The promotions are not valid with other promotional offers, discounts or privileges.
  11. The promotions are non-transferable and not convertible to cash.
  12. Cybersite reserves the right to withdraw the promotion or amend the terms and conditions or disqualify any customer if there is a suspicion of misuse or abuse without prior notice. Other generic registration terms and conditions (www.cybersite.com.sg/terms-and-conditions) apply.

*Promotions ended, you can visit our VPS page here.

Cloud VPS Upgrade/Downgrade

  1. The ‘guarantee policy’ is valid for new purchase of Cybersite VPS 12 or 24 months plans only.
  2. The ‘guarantee policy’ is applicable to service that has not been provisioned and/or purchased.
  3. The ‘guarantee policy’ requires that the customer provide Cybersite with information of the business website selling the Cloud VPS services at a lower price. This must be supported by proof of actual price list based on identical service specifications, excluding configurable add-ons.
  4. The ‘guarantee policy’ is subject to price validation of competitors price by Cybersite and it is only applicable to published retail prices, not including promotion offers, discounts or privileges offered by other competitors.
  5. The ‘guarantee policy’ only covers competitors’ services that are published in Singapore dollar (S$) and are hosted in Singapore.
  6. The ‘guarantee policy’ is valid for initial contractual period only. Subsequent renewals will be based on the prevailing published rates thereafter.
  7. Cybersite reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  8. All Cybersite decisions on the ‘guarantee policy’ are final and binding including but not limited to determining eligible claimants and amount.

Cloud VPS Lowest Price Guarantee

  1. Change of service plan is not permitted during the tenure period.
  2. Customers are not able to change the basic computing resources accorded to them under the service plan. Only computing resources under the “Configurable Options” can be changed.
  3. Downgrade of service plan and/or reduction of hard disk storage capacity are strictly not permitted during or after the tenure period as this may result in loss of data due to the reduction of hard disk storage capacity. Cybersite will not be responsible nor compensate for any loss of data as a result of any such downgrade made by customers.
  4. Change of tenure period within same service plan is permissible and will only be effected when the existing tenure period is fulfilled. There will be no refund for unfulfilled tenure period.
  5. The addition or reduction of computing resources under the “configurable option” at customer’s login area is subject to Cybersite’s verification and approval upon receipt of payment.
  6. Customers who wish to upgrade to a different service plan upon expiry of existing tenure period can contact: sales@exabytes.sg or helpdesk@cybersite.com.sg.

By signing up for Cybersite Cloud VPS service plan, you agree to the Terms & Conditions stated above as well as the Registration Terms & Conditions stated in www.cybersite.com.sg/terms-and-conditions.

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