Unmanaged Cloud VPS (50% OFF)*

 All Plans include:

Local Support
          Free Backup

Data Transfer

Full Control To Customise & Manage Your Server

Our Lowest Price Guarantee is part of Cybersite’s commitment to offer you the most competitive price for your Cloud VPS. When you’re searching online and find another competitor cheaper than our Cloud VPS plans, we will match it! Terms & Conditions apply.

With high-powered Cloud VPS running on dedicated RAM, CPU, DISK and IP address, our Unmanaged Cloud VPS gives you the freedom to configure the server specifications and run software applications for your own needs.  

Need More Power? 

We Add Value To Our Service

While you have full control over your Cloud VPS, we constantly keep a close watch on your network to ensure your Cloud VPS is at its peak performance.

Aside from network monitoring, we also add value to our service:

Initial Setup (Provision of Server)  Operating System Updates
Troubleshooting Host Server Network Issues  Reverse DNS Setup


Full Customisation
You have the freedom to install any software applications you want and customise the server environment.

Full Control
Whether it is configuring the server specifications, managing your software applications or making changes to your website, you have 100% control. 

Lower Price

Unmanaged Cloud VPS is scalable based on your unique business needs, thus you never need to pay for what you don’t need now and scale up when the need arises.

Controlled Security
Unmanaged Cloud VPS allows you to customise the levels of security protecting your precious data, so it can be as minimal or as intensive as you wish.

There is no need to depend on anyone else to make changes to your server or your website. You have full control on all updates, installations, and format changes.

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