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FREE DNS Management

Manage your DNS settings for your domain name. Configure and manage DNS records in real time with our robust and reliable DNS system.

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FREE WHOIS ID Protection

We protect your personal data from exposed to the public. All our TLD domain, eg: .com, .net, .org are protected with WHOIS ID Protection.


FREE Domain Security

Our security system lock down your domain name so as to block unauthorized modification to your domain.

Integration and Automation

FREE Domain Parking

Don’t need hosting for your domain? Park your domains on our server and direct it to your preferred email server or website at no charge.

Domain Registration Pricing Table

Cybersite provides major Top level Domain Names (TLD) and country level domain for registrations, including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .SG, .COM.SG and more. Register a Domain Name to kick-start your online business today!

  • Domain

  • .com.com
  • .net.net
  • .biz.biz
  • .org.org
  • .info.info
  • .global.global
  • .asia.asia
  • 1 Year

  • .comS$ 33.00
  • .netS$ 33.00
  • .biz S$ 38.00
  • .org S$ 33.00
  • .info S$ 33.00
  • .globalS$ 169.00
  • .asiaS$ 45.00
  • 2 Years

  • .comS$ 22.50 /yr
  • .netS$ 22.50 /yr
  • .bizS$ 26.50 /yr
  • .orgS$ 22.50 /yr
  • .infoS$ 22.50 /yr
  • .globalS$ 149.00 /yr
  • .asiaS$ 40.00 /yr

Establish Your Online Business in Singapore with SG Domains

A country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) lets you promote your business directly to people in a specific country. Registering the matching ccTLD helps you expand your business to Singapore and protect your brand from competitors and copycats at the same time. With an SG Domain, you don’t need an office in Singapore or Asia to expand your influence.

  • Domain

  • .sg.sg
  • .per.sg.per.sg
  • .com.sg.com.sg
  • .net.sg.net.sg
  • .org.sg.org.sg
  • .edu.sg.edu.sg
  • 1 Year

  • .sgS$ 45.00
  • .per.sgS$ 45.00
  • .com.sgS$ 45.00
  • .net.sgS$ 45.00
  • .org.sgS$ 45.00
  • .edu.sgS$ 45.00
  • 2 Years

  • .sgS$ 39.00/yr
  • .per.sgS$ 39.00 /yr
  • .com.sgS$ 39.00/yr
  • .net.sgS$ 39.00 /yr
  • .org.sgS$ 39.00 /yr
  • .edu.sgS$ 39.00 /yr
  • Restriction

  • .per.sgSINGPASS
  • .com.sgSINGPASS and company registration number
  • .net.sgSINGPASS and Infocomm Media Development Authority licensees (SBO individual licence, FBO licence, or other licences providing dedicated connectivity or value-added network services); or providers offering network-based data hosting servicesSINGPASS and ,SBO/FBO or other licences
  • .org.sgSINGPASS and Organisations which registered with the Registry of Societies ("ROS")SINGPASS and ROS
  • .edu.sgSINGPASS and Educational Institutions which registered with Ministry of Education in SingaporeSINGPASS and Educational Institutions

Domain Registration Pricing Table

  • Domain

  • .com.my.com.my
  • .com.vn.com.vn
  • .com.ph.com.ph
  • .co.th.co.th
  • .co.id.co.id
  • .tech.tech
  • .site.site
  • .space.space
  • .store.store
  • .online.online
  • .website.website
  • .press.press
  • .host.host
  • .co.co
  • .blog.blog
  • .io.io
  • .app.app
  • .cloud.cloud
  • .us.us
  • .tv.tv
  • .me.me
  • .club.club
  • .ch.ch
  • .dev.dev
  • 1 Year

  • .com.myS$ 72.00
  • .com.vnS$ 220.00
  • .com.phS$ 152.00
  • .co.thS$ 206.00
  • .co.idS$ 56.00
  • .techS$ 134.00
  • .siteS$ 82.00
  • .spaceS$ 56.00
  • .storeS$ 124.00
  • .onlineS$ 102.00
  • .websiteS$ 56.00
  • .pressS$ 152.00
  • .hostS$ 200.00
  • .coS$ 78.00
  • .blogS$ 68.00
  • .ioS$ 162.00
  • .appS$ 42.00
  • .cloudS$ 34.00
  • .usS$ 26.00
  • .tvS$ 96.00
  • .meS$ 56.00
  • .clubS$ 42.00
  • .chS$ 98.00
  • .devS$ 36.00
  • 2 Years

  • .com.myS$ 68.00 /yr
  • .com.vnS$ 210.00 /yr
  • .com.phS$ 144.00 /yr
  • .co.thS$ 196.00 /yr
  • .co.idS$ 54.00 /yr
  • .techS$ 128.00 /yr
  • .siteS$ 78.00 /yr
  • .spaceS$ 54.00 /yr
  • .storeS$ 118.00 /yr
  • .onlineS$ 96.00 /yr
  • .websiteS$ 54.00 /yr
  • .pressS$ 144.00 /yr
  • .hostS$ 190.00 /yr
  • .coS$ 74.00 /yr
  • .blogS$ 64.00 /yr
  • .ioS$ 154.00 /yr
  • .appS$ 40.00 /yr
  • .cloudS$ 32.00 /yr
  • .usS$ 24.00 /yr
  • .tvS$ 92.00 /yr
  • .meS$ 54.00 /yr
  • .clubS$ 40.00 /yr
  • .ch-
  • .devS$ 34.00 /yr

Types Of Domain Registration

TLD Domain

Register .COM domain, .ASIA, .NET, .BIZ and many more popular domain extensions!

Singapore Domain

Register SG domain name to be localized and rank better in Singapore.
Best Seller!

More Extensions

Domain name taken?
Find out more extensions such as .SITE, .STORE, .ONLINE and more!

Register SG Domain Overseas

Expand your business to Singapore, no SINGPASS required!

Already own a domain?

Transfer your domain to us to enjoy cheaper renewal rate.

Why register your domain with us?

Professional 24/7 Support

We’re reachable for assistance 24×7 x365. You’ll be talking to our friendly staff who are both knowledgeable and helpful to support you.


Easy to Use Control Panel

Manage everything from name server modification to updating your domain information with just a few clicks.

APNIC Accredited

Not only are we an SGNIC accredited registrar, we are also recognised by businesses in Asia Pacific.

Integration and Automation

Free Domain Parking

Don’t need hosting for your domain? Park your domains on our server and direct it to your preferred email or website at no charge.

Which Domain Extension Should I Register?

  • Domain Name Extensions

  • .com domain.com domain
  • .asia domain.asia domain
  • .sg domain.sg domain
  • .net domain.net domain
  • .org domain.org domain
  • .global domain.global domain
  • Advantages

  • .com domain
    • Most popular extensions
    • International identity
    • Rank well in any countries' search engine
    • Simple domain registration process
  • .asia domain
    • Asia identity
    • Rank well in Asian search engine
    • Simple domain registration process
  • .sg domain
    • Localized and trusted in Singapore
    • Get better domain name, high availability
    • Rank well in Singapore’s search engine
  • .net domain
    • Good fit for web services/ technology companies
    • Get better domain name, high availability
    • Rank well in any countries’ search engine
    • Simple domain registration process
  • .org domain
    • Good fit for non-profit organisation (NGO)
    • Get better domain name, high availability
    • Rank well in any countries’ search engine
    • Simple domain registration process
  • .global domain
    • Global identity
    • Get better domain name, high availability
    • Rank well in any countries’ search engine
    • Simple domain registration process

Kickstart your online business now with a perfect
domain name!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

“Registry reserves the right to classify the domain names as Platinum/Golden premium domain names. Registration is not final if the name applied fall under the Platinum/Golden premium. These premium names are reserved and only available for Premium Domain Name application exercise. Registrar may contact registrant separately for further advice if the domain name applied is a premium name.

For domain registered on and after 2nd May 2013 or domain names directly reserved with Registrar under the SME programme, your domain name is subjected to the VerifiedID@SG scheme. Upon successful registration, the appointed admin contact will need to verify the domain name within 21 days failing which domain name will be suspended by Registry. Registry will send an email to the admin contact’s email with instructions on the verification process.

The registrant should therefore ensure that the admin contact’s email address is valid and remind the admin contact to perform the verification within 21 days.”
Read More

With effect from 2 May 2013, SGNIC will implement a pilot scheme known as “VerifiedID@SG” for all new “.sg” domain names (e.g. .sg, .com.sg, .org.sg). Administrative contact person of domain name will be requested by SGNIC via email*to visit VerifiedID@SG & perform a two-step verification task:

  1. Login to portal using SingPass
  2. Verify the identity and contact info of the domain name registrant.

* Please provide a valid email to ensure SGNIC is able to send notification & updates. Read more

When starting a new website, one of the first and most important decisions you have to make is choosing a domain name. That choice will impact the website’s success in nearly every area. Let’s examine the factors that make a good domain name. Learn More

Here are some frequently asked questions. Learn More

Terms and Conditions

  1. SG domain promotion only applicable to new domain registration But Not Domain Renewal.
  2. SG domain promo cannot be enjoyed with other existing promotions.
  3. In order to enjoy the special offers of the domain promotion, payment must be made during Promotion Period. For domain renewals, prices will revert to normal.
  4. This promotion is only applicable for new SG domain registration. Domain transfer is not applicable for this promotion.
  5. For .sg AND .per.sg domains, clients are required to provide the Singapore NRIC (National Registration Identity Card)
  6. Money-Back Guarantee is not applicable for this promotion, which is a non-refundable item.
  7. This promotion is NOT applicable for the registration/purchase of Premium Domains, Pragmatic Domains and Premium Numeric Domains. Cybersite reserves the right to cancel any domain orders that involve the aforementioned domains.
  8. Discount codes or promo codes are not usable for Premium domains/Numeric domains.
  9. Cybersite reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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